painting, sculpture

Mythographies are geographies of myth, imaginary routes towards the limit from which the unknown begins, visions of new maps to be drawn, silent rituals to the missing gods, Argonautic navigations under Mediterranean constellations.
Iron, sacred metal, border element for the stars, crossroads between their contracted death and their life-giving expansion, let you tell the origins of which we have lost memory.

And to the man, corroded and heavy, may you remember the sky above him, and his new columns of Hercules.

Mare Vostrum-r.jpg

Project for an Ark

painting, sculpture

Building a new ark to transport man through the flood of the present to a new era, heading towards a Mediterranean Eldorado, fleeing from suffering, trusting in favorable winds and good luck. Poetry of a modern Odyssey.

settimo giorno-r.jpg

Survey on Matter

painting, sculpture

 Microcosm and macrocosm, the secret of things, the sound of time. Perhaps the waiting to understand our origins or the dream of an ancient map of stars. 2500 years ago the world was magically united by the souls of Heraclitus, Buddha, Zarathustra and Lao Tzu. Today's science is now rediscovering ancient wisdoms. Is there a single reality beyond our thinking of it, or do we create reality by our thinking of it? Matter as condensed energy cancels the concepts of full and empty. Destruction can conceal rebirth.

Terzo giorno-r.jpg


painting, sculpture

"Searching for hidden treasures

and what was left standing,

I realised that you were still there,

suffering from the violence suffered,

and I discovered the warrior in me,

fruit of your tree and of the seed of Heaven. "


(from "Dea Mater" by Fabio Messina)


Spotlight on Earth

fine art photos printed in limited edition

I illuminate portions of old maps collected by my father showing areas of the planet unaware of the environmental problems that would have then afflicted them.



fine art photos printed in limited edition

The ancient heart of Islam at the closest point to Europe, where the Moors once entered. Just as in the intricate labyrinth of the Medinas our coordinates get confused and bewilderment catches us, so today new fears take root in the meanders of our subconscious, preventing us from rediscovering a Mediterranean sense of common belonging.


Grand Tour

fine art photos printed in limited edition

A new Grand Tour across Italy, the land that in past times was the ideal cradle of myth, art and spirit. In search of the "Genius Loci" that still survives somewhere, perhaps.